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Part 1 - In Season High School Wrestling Plan

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, this plan is for you!

Here is a quick preview of what I have to offer:

I have created a 10 week in season plan with five workouts per week to help maximize your wrestlers' potential. Within these workouts, I have everything from warm ups, wrestling technique, wrestling drilling, lifting and conditioning, and different segments of live wrestling, to good finishers that build the stamina to score points in the third period.

How does the plan work?

You will be sent 50 workouts lasting about 2 hours each all the way from the warm up to cool down.  In the plan, there will be links to technique videos that you can only watch with email access.  You can review all of the technique videos from a phone or laptop before, during, or after the practice.  All of the technique videos have some added text and pointers in the individual workout that you can print off and follow along at your convenience. 

Are you new to coaching or have not wrestled before, but have stepped up and are coaching for your school?

Would you like to have a college coach in you corner to help with techniques that college coaches are looking for?

Do you get overwhelmed with work, family, and social life spreading yourself too thin to put the time into scheduling your practices?

Do you have a good program, but are looking for a change to take your program to the next level?

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During my time competing and coaching, I have seen the common areas that incoming freshman struggle with in college and I have seen what areas successful freshman excel in. The wrestlers that go through this program will have a solid foundation that will help them with their transition to college wrestling. 

With this program, they will learn to compete and become leaders.  We are changing the "everyone wins" mentality to the "take what we earn" mentality!

Coaches, if you get your wrestlers to buy in to this process while training ALL IN, they will without a doubt increase their wins and chances of getting the attention of college coaches!


Summary of What is included

  • 50 Different Practices

  • Over 250 Videos

  • Wrestling Technique and Drills

  • Foot Work Drills

  • Conditioning

  • Strength Training with Bar, Plate, DB, and Body Weight for in Season

  • Tips at the End of Workouts Regarding Mindset, Weight Cutting, etc. 

Video Examples

Purchase now!

If you want to take the next step to excel your program to the next level, the time is now!  I cannot wait to see how much this helps your program and increases the competitiveness of our sport.


Coming Soon!
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