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Week 8 - Day 1

Morning: Time - 25 Minutes

  • 5 Sets (2 minute rest between sets) - 50 Squats, 50 Push Ups, 50 Sit Ups​.​

    • We are going to continue to increase reps moving forward. ​


 *Note: Squats - down to at least 90 degrees.  Push ups - Make sure your chest goes all the way down and you extend your arms all the way up.  We are starting with low reps so that we can have solid form.

Afternoon: Time -  Minutes

  • Warm up: 8 minutes of constant motion and 2 minutes of stretching.

    • You can run, jump rope, hit mountain climbers, push ups, sit ups, squat jumps, burpees, etc. Just keep moving and getting your body warm. 

  • Deck of Cards Workout - 5 rounds. Grab a deck of cards and shuffle them.  Draw a card and that is the number of reps of each exercise. Face cards count as 15s, aces count as 20s, and 2-10 count as their value. Short break between sets.  Example: I draw an 8 of hearts.  I perform each exercise below (except sprints) 8 reps. 

    • Push ups.​

    • Mountain climbers.

    • V-ups.

    • Sit ups.

    • Squat jumps.

    • Lunge jumps each leg.

    • Burpees.

    • Supermans - laying flat on belly, back extensions. 

    • Walking on hands - Steps each hand. 

    • 5 Sprints - Roughly length of 50 yards. Might have to do a down and back somewhere in your yard. 

  • Leg Blast: 3 rounds of 25 reps each workout.  1-2 minutes of rest after third exercise between sets. 

    • Duck Walk: 25 steps per leg - Squat your butt all the way down near your heels with chest up.  Then, waddle like a duck taking small bouncing steps forward.​

    • Squats.

    • Lunge Jumps: 25 each leg. 

  • Cool down and stretch.

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