Week 7 - Day 1

Morning: Time - 20-25 Minutes

  • 5 Sets (2 minute rest between sets) - 40 Squats, 40 Push Ups, 40 Sit Ups​.​

    • We are going to continue to increase reps moving forward. ​


 *Note: Squats - down to at least 90 degrees.  Push ups - Make sure your chest goes all the way down and you extend your arms all the way up.  We are starting with low reps so that we can have solid form.

Afternoon: Time -  Minutes

  • Warm up: 5 rounds - Start slow and increase speed each set. 

    • 25 jumping jacks.

    • 10 push ups.

    • 10 v-ups.

    • 20 mountain climbers each leg.

    • 5 burpees.

      • Take 1 minute to stretch between each set.​

  • Partner Work - Find a partner (does not have to be a wrestler) that you can work with.  If your parents or siblings cannot help, continue to work your stance in motion focusing on circling, fakes, and down blocks.

    • Down block with partner: 5 rounds (30 seconds on and 30 seconds off) - Refer to video on Week 2 - Day 2 above for a reminder.  One person fakes while you down block.​

    • Toe Tap/Touch Game: 5 rounds (30 seconds on and 30 seconds off) - Both of you will be on your feet with your hands behind your back and your objective will be to step on your partner's foot.  Try to keep score.  You can also have one partner on their hands and knees trying to touch your feet with their hands.  Try to work on being light on your feet and circling.  Refer to video from Week 2 - Day 4 here.

    • Partner 4-Way Neck: 3 sets of 10 reps each way.

      • Get in referee's position with your partner straddling you.  1. The standing wrestler needs to push down on your head giving you resistance while you shake your head yes (chin to chest and back up). 2. Straight into moving your head right to left, left to right.  Have your partner stand to your side and push on the side of your head giving you resistance to move ear to shoulder. 3. Switch sides. 4. Back in the straddle position, lock fingers together, place hands on your partner's forehead and pull up.  Shake your head up and down like in Step 1. 

    • Partner Neck Push Ups: 3 Sets of 10 reps each side. 

      • Get in referee's position in a solid base. Your partner will put one hand on your head and the other on your shoulder and do 10 push ups. After the 10 reps, switch sides and repeat another 10 reps. To increase difficultly, make sure your hand is on the top of the head.  To make this easier, slide hand closer to the neck or base of skull.

        • If you want to really push it, hit 10 each side and then have your partner put both hands on your head out front and hit 10 push ups. 

  • Leg Blast: 3 rounds of 25 reps each workout.  1-2 minutes of rest after third exercise between sets. 

    • Duck Walk: 25 steps per leg - Squat your butt all the way down near your heels with chest up.  Then, waddle like a duck taking small bouncing steps forward.​

    • Squats.

    • Lunge Jumps: 25 each leg. 

  • Cool down and stretch.